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Stink Bugs

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs or just Stink Bugs are unique pests commonly found across North America. These invasive pests are from Asia but have been in the United States since 1996. The first identification of stink bugs in the United States took place in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1996. Since then, brown marmorated stink bugs have grown and spread across the country. They can be found in most states, including Massachusetts. Stink bugs can release a foul odor from the glands on their thorax. Plus, these bugs can reach up to three-quarters of an inch. they’re either gray or brown and have a back that is shaped like a triangular plate.

Why I Have Stink Bugs

What causes stink bugs to infest a dwelling? Ultimately, it has nothing to do with you. It was nothing you did or didn’t do. Instead, stink bugs are overwintering pests. These pests do not like being outside during the old winter months. They need to seek warmth and shelter. If they can find a way to sneak into your home, they’ll do so. Once spring arrives and the temperatures increase, the stink bugs in your home will return outside. They might get stuck in your home. Just remember that they’re trying to go outside. When they make it outside, they’ll stay there and feed on fruits and vegetables.

Stink Bug Dangers

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about the dangers associated with stink bugs. These pests do not attack people or pets. Rest assured knowing that these pests do not transmit diseases. Just remember that you need to think outside of the box to remove them from your home. Using a vacuum is a good idea since it’ll help you avoid turning your home into a smelly mess.

Removing Stink Bugs

Although stink bugs aren’t dangerous, you’ll still want to remove them from your dwelling. How can you take your home back from stink bugs? Start by grabbing and using your vacuum cleaner. You can suck up the stink bugs using your vacuum. Once you’ve done that, you can add the vacuum’s content to a sealed plastic bag. Ultimately, this is one of the best ways to dispose of stink bugs without letting them release a foul odor in your home. Is your home overrun with stink bugs? If so, you need to contact us.

We can help you deal with stink bug infestations of all shapes and sizes.

Doing It Yourself

You might be able to get rid of stink bugs on your own. All you have to do is use your vacuum cleaner. With this device, you can wipe out a small infestation quickly. You can take care of the problem safely. Just remember that you might be dealing with an overwhelming problem. If there are too many stink bugs, we’ll be here to help. We’ll help you take care of the problem without putting anyone in danger.

The Costs

How much will it cost to hire us to remove the stink bugs from your home? Ultimately, we can’t give you an exact price until we’ve carefully examined your home. However, we often provide our services with standard pricing. When we only need to use standard services, we’ll charge based on the size of your home. Before the extermination begins, we’ll give you a bid price. If you agree to this price, it is the price you’ll pay in the end.

Preventing Stink Bug Intrusions

Stop stink bugs from entering your home by using pest-proofing materials. Seal your home’s exterior walls to prevent these overwintering pests from entering your home.

When Can You Get Here?

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