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Professional Beetle Extermination In Boston, Massachusetts

With thousands of beetle species, it would be extremely difficult to not experience one entire in a lifetime. In fact, every living, breathing human has encountered at least 10 beetle encounters. You may disagree with this theory. Think about it, it is likely you unknowingly encountered beetles on your life journey. If you take the time to consider your travel history, you may know what the experts mean by unaware beetle encounters. As yourself, what insect species did I encounter while visiting a national wildlife refuge, local park, on a bike trail, and your backyard. Beetles are practically everywhere, especially when the weather is sunny and hot.

What Are The Most Commonly Reported Beetle Sightings In Boston?

The ground, longhorn, and powder post beetles are found all over North America. The beetle is drawn to decaying yard debris, wood, and wooden structures like porches, decks, and sheds. If you are the least familiar with beetles’ structural damage, you would take the necessary precautions to protect your home to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, way too many Boston home and business owners ignore the signs until it is too late. Once a full-blown infestation has erupted, the consumer’s only option is to call in the experts.

Should I Be Concerned About My Family’s Health When Dealing With Beetles?

Beetles are among the hundreds of insect species that do not transmit diseases to humans or animals. However, these insects still pose a health risk to their human victims due to food contamination. Beetles possess the necessary qualities and behaviors to meet the insect classification deemed “pantry pest.” The insect species that belong to this classification are characterized by their home infiltration and stored food diet.

Beetles intentionally infiltrate buildings in hopes of accessing an endless supply of non-refrigerated food stored in pantries. Like the ant and carpenter ant, beetles have mandibles that operate in the same manner as medical forceps and culinary tongs. Beetles utilize their strong mandibles to access dried cereal, dog food, flour, spices, and nuts. Beetles contaminate food by defecating while feeding. If a household member(s) consumes the contaminated, they are at a high risk of developing a foodborne illness.

Will An Updated Non-Perishable Food Storage System Deter Beetles From Targeting My Boston Property?

No, but it will definitely help. To eliminate a beetle infestation, a professional pest control strategy is a necessity. We will work with you to develop a pest control plan that is specific to your case. Severe beetle infestations will require a much stronger pest control approach, compared to a minor beetle problem. Of course, the only way to make this determination is through a visual inspection. Call our Boston location to schedule your free beetle inspection, the first step to regaining control of your home once and for all.

Should I Invest In OTC Beetle Insecticides – Will They Work?

DIY pest control products are better than no action at all. If your goal is a full eradication in a timely manner, you will need to hire an exterminator. Our Boston-based extermination company is currently accepting pest control service requests. Submit your request to jumpstart your pest control effort.

Beetles are nuisance pests, but when they infiltrate your food supply, they are a health risk to anyone who consumes the contaminated food.

When Will I Be Able To Request A Beetle Inspection Request?

You can submit your service quest at your earliest convenience. We need at least 24 hours to process it, at which time one of our experienced exterminators will reach out to you concerning an appointment. We work most every day of the week to ensure full access to our professional-grade pest control to all Boston residents and businesses.

During The Treatment Process, Will My Children Be Exposed To Harmful Pesticide Chemicals?

No, we protect our clients and their family from any potential chemical exposure by only treating homes that are unoccupied. One of the first things our exterminators do when they are hired to eradicate a beetle infestation is explain the process. During the consultation, we explain the importance of extermination evacuation, which is to prevent any potential chemical pesticide exposure.

To further minimize environmental and human health risks, we only invest in pesticide brands that have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is a federal government agency responsible for the environment from further damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Is Professional Beetle Control Expensive?

It can be, but to ensure the affordability of our professional beetle management services to all Boston consumers, we keep our pricing fair and competitive. It is also possible to minimize the overall costs by requesting a free quote. We will inspect your home to determine the severity of the beetle infestation. The data collected from the inspection will help our extermination determine the best extermination course of action.

What Do I Need To Prevent A Repeat Beetle Infestation?

The first thing you will need is a waterproof sealant, such as caulk or silicone. Utilize the sealant to fill in gaps and crevices utilized by insects to infiltrate your home. If beetles are utilizing these access points, so other insect species. Sealing the openings will rule out all future pest infestations.

Another suggestion is to update your nonperishable food storage system. We recommend transitioning from vulnerable manufacturing packaging to glass and BPA-free plastic containers with lids. Once the lids are sealed, beetles and other insect species will no longer be able to infiltrate the food stored inside.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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