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Carpenter Ants

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Professional Carpenter Ant Pest Control Boston Massachusetts

The carpenter ant is one of the largest ant species. Its large tri-segmented body is held together by strong joints, providing flexibility for working, foraging for food, constructing underground tunnels, and nesting. Carpenter ants are described as “hard-working” because they are continuously doing something to build the colony.

The tunnel access is sometimes visible above ground. A mound of dirt, sawdust, or sand is visible just above the tunnel opening. If you are lucky, you will capture a few carpenter ant workers, soldiers, and swarmers coming and going. This is a nonstop activity that is difficult to ignore, whether you are the victim or just a passerby.

Carpenter ants are social insects, meaning they do everything as a colony. The worker is slightly smaller (0.5 inches in length) than the queen (5/8 inches in length). The queen is pampered by every member of the colony, which contributes to her large size. Plus, she is continuously reproducing since she is the sole carpenter ant that is responsible for building the colony population.

What Are The Most Commonly Reported Noticeable Carpenter Ant Infestation Signs?

Knowing the signs of a carpenter ant infestation will put you one step ahead in the game. The signs of a carpenter ant infestation include the following:

  • Visual Live Activity – Live workers foraging for food on the kitchen floor, skin, and countertop.
  • “Frass” Trails – The byproduct of ant-gnawing on wood. “Frass” is nothing more or less than sawdust, which can be found in carpenter ant working areas.
  • Audible NoiseCarpenter ants working in colonies generate a “rustling” noise that is detectable through thin walls when external noise is minimal.
  • Swarmers – Carpenter ant swarmers forage for food by flying over contaminated surfaces, dipping down periodically to retrieve bits to return to the colony.

Why Is My Boston Home Under A Carpenter Ant Threat?

Carpenter ants are drawn to the interior of buildings where food is plentiful. As the colony continues to expand, food may become scarce in the nearby vicinity. Workers do not stray too far away from the colony, which is why they find themselves infiltrating vulnerable residential and commercial buildings.

Small gaps, crevices, and other openings are utilized to infiltrate buildings. To eliminate further infiltration, you will need to fill these access points with a waterproof sealant – silicone and caulk.

Do Carpenter Ants Spread Diseases To Children And Adults?

No, carpenter ants do not transmit diseases or parasites. However, the insect is notorious for foodborne illnesses, a condition characterized by nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Foodborne illnesses are related to contaminated water and food sources.

Nothing is off-limits to the carpenter ant when it comes to food. In fact, these insects will eat just about anything, even if it is contaminated. After ingesting contaminated food, the carpenter ant will continue working as usual. Within 24 to 36 hours, the contaminated food will be expelled from the body through fecal material. If the contaminated feces are deposited into the household food source and ingested by a family member, the likelihood of a foodborne illness is extremely high.

What Pest Control Remedy Works Pest For Carpenter Ant Infestations?

Carpenter ant infestations generally involve a satellite colony and main colony. The satellite colony is stationed in the home while the main colony is in the nearby outdoor vicinity. As mentioned previously, carpenter ants do not stray too far away from the main colony when working and foraging for food. With this in mind, it only makes sense that the main colony is within a few feet of the satellite, but on the exterior perimeter instead of the interior.

When you are dealing with a divided colony of insects, the extermination will need to have a stronger approach than when only one insect colony is involved.

Should I Try DIY Pest Control Products Before Hiring A Licensed Exterminator?

You can, it is your decision to make. Any delays will only leave a gap for the queen to continue reproducing, resulting in a higher population. It is crucial to not delay pest control action because this could compromise your case.

Carpenter ants are audacious insects, as they know no limits when it comes to protecting and feeding their colonies.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available To Perform The Carpenter Ant Inspection?

Our Boston customer support team needs at least 24 hours to process your inspection request. In most cases, carpenter ant inspection service requests are fully processed no later than 48 hours of the initial submission.

Does Carpenter Ant Insecticide Utilize Dangerous Ingredients?

Some insecticide formulas contain chemicals that are toxic to carpenter ants. These chemicals do pose a risk to the environment and humans. However, we have found ways to minimize these risks. By joining forces with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and manufacturers of pest control products.

Our exterminators are fully trained to properly administer and handle chemical-based pest control products in a manner that minimizes environmental risks significantly. In addition to these safety actions, we do not treat infested homes while they are occupied.

What Do You Suggest To Prevent A Repeat Carpenter Ant Infestation?

We suggest reaching out to our Boston-based extermination company. We employ a qualified team of pest control experts that have combined several decades of experience in the Massachusetts industry. Our pricing is reasonable and competitive with other Boston extermination companies. Please feel free to take advantage of our free consultation, inspection, and quote today.

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