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Consumers across Boston are worried about bedbugs invading their homes. When experiencing a bedbug infestation, finding a solution to rapidly fix the problem is key. The only downside is that your options are plentiful and choosing a solution will be difficult. You need to find work diligently to choose a bedbug treatment that works great for you, your loved ones, and your schedule. Depending on your preferences, you may find that the heat treatment is the best choice for you. We offer full heat treatment options.

Most exterminators agree that heat is one of the most efficient and effective ways to wipe out a bedbug infestation.

Our Bedbug Heat Treatments Work

We’ve worked to perfect our bedbug heat treatments. We’ve done everything possible to improve our bedbug treatments. When you work with us, we’re going to send one of our trusted exterminators to your dwelling. They will come with bedbug heat machines. The machine will be set up and turned on. Once they’ve done this, the machine will greatly increase the home’s temperature. After it reaches the appropriate temperature, the bedbugs in the home will be eliminated.

One thing about heat is that it can treat the entire home simultaneously. Even if bedbugs are hiding in cracks or crevices, our heat treatments can eliminate them. Ultimately, heat is one of the best ways to eliminate bedbugs because it wipes out all bugs in the home. Our exterminator needs to maintain temperatures of 140-degrees or higher.

When this temperature is maintained for a few hours, it will effectively kill the bedbugs.

Heat Is The Most Reliable Option

We often recommend heat treatments to our clients because it is one of the most effective treatments. Although you can choose various options, we think you’ll like heat treatments better. One thing to note is that this method is more effective than the alternatives. With heat, you can quickly wipe out the infestation without putting anyone in danger. Plus, heat eliminates bedbugs in plain sight and those hiding in cracks and gaps.

If the bedbugs in your home cannot escape, they will be exposed to extreme temperatures and they’ll die.

Maintaining Proper Temperatures

Our exterminator will visit your home, turn on the heat machines, and carefully monitor the temperatures. To ensure that this method is effective, we have to maintain temperatures of 140-degrees for a few hours. Two hours might be enough, but we generally maintain these temperatures for longer. It is pertinent to avoid fluctuating temperatures since that would allow the bedbugs to escape.

Our heat treatment will eliminate the bedbugs regardless of where they’re hiding.

Stay Safe Out Of Your Home

You’ll want to work with us because we’re going to keep you safe during the procedure. Our exterminators will do what they can to protect the client during the process. It might be annoying, but we’re going to ask you to stay out of the home. We don’t want to expose our clients to any potential risks. To keep you safe, you’ll be asked to stay out of the home until the treatment is finished. The good news is that the heat treatment is faster than the alternatives.

When using heat, we can eliminate the bedbugs in your home quickly. It only requires a few hours. Once we’ve finished, we’ll give you a call and let you know that it is safe to return to your home.

Currently Not Available.

Heat Treatments For Bed Bugs In Boston

Bedbugs have quickly become one of the most common and frustrating household pests in the United States. In fact, residents in Boston has been hit pretty hard. The sad truth of the matter is that bed bugs are not a problem with an easy or clear solution. Victims need to think outside of the box to find a solution to the problem that they’re currently facing. Our firm is here to help and we’re confident that our heat treatments will be the solution that you’re after. After all, this form of treatment offers many perks and you probably won’t be able to find those perks elsewhere.

The Perks Of Heat

Most people who have dealt with bedbugs have heard about heat treatments. This is not a coincidence. Heat just happens to be one of the most effective ways to kill bedbugs. On top of that, heat offers a handful of other notable perks. Once you’ve analyzed these perks, you’ll agree that heat is one of the very best treatment options for bedbugs. For instance, heat is very convenient. The client doesn’t need to move their furniture or prepare in any way. They just need to evacuate the home and let our technicians do the rest.

Heat is also completely safe for everyone and it is not going to damage your assets. When you choose heat as your solution, you really cannot lose.

How Heat Treatments Kill Bedbugs

The concept of heat treatments is really very simple. Bedbugs are tough critters, but they have a few vulnerabilities. The most notable is their inability to survive extreme temperatures. When exposed to temperatures above 140 degrees, the bedbugs are going to succumb and perish. When you’ve hired us as your bedbug exterminator, we’ll send a technician into your home with a specialized machine. That machine will be capable of increasing the temperature inside of the home. Once the correct temperature has been reached, the bedbugs will die.

It is really as simple as it sounds.

Can Bedbugs Survive?

Some people question the effectiveness of heat treatments. In reality, this form of treatment is actually very effective. Still, there are a few rare circumstances that could allow the bugs to survive. For instance, there is a slim chance that the bedbugs are going to find an escape route. They might be able to escape through a crack in your home’s walls. If this happens, the bugs may travel to a neighbor’s place. Or, they may stick around and reenter your home. Again, this is very rare and probably won’t happen. Still, it is something that does need to be considered.

Fast Solutions

Finally, you should understand that your schedule is already hectic. You do not have time to wait for our technicians to get rid of the bugs. You need them gone and you need them gone as quickly as possible. This is why a lot of our clients opt for heat. The heat is very quick. In most cases, the heat will be able to clear the entire home of bedbugs in just a few hours. If you’re in a hurry, you should definitely give heat a chance!

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