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Professional Ladybug Control In Boston Massachusetts

Ladybugs are small yellow, red, or orange, black polka-dotted insects that belong to the Coccinellidae beetle family. The wings are covered by a thin shell to protect the insect from injuries during flight, landing, and combat. The adult grows up to 0.5 inches in length, while smaller ladybugs are lucky enough to reach 1/32 of an inch.

There are more than 5,000 Coccinellidae members, 450 of which can be found in North America. The ladybug is a unique insect, as it is a pest and useful insect. As a pest, the ladybug infiltrates homes and feeds on crops, causing severe devastation in many cases.

Some Boston farmers and gardeners believe the ladybug is a very help insect. The ladybug is one of many “pollinators,” an insect that picks up pollen from a male plant and transports it to a female plant. This form of fertilization would not be possible without the ladybug and other pollinators.

Why Is My Boston Home Under A Ladybug Attack?

Ladybugs target homes beginning in late fall in hopes of securing warm shelter for the winter months. The insect enters a dormant state similar to hibernation. “Overwintering” lasts for several months or until the weather begins to warm, generally in late spring or early summer

To avoid spending the winter outdoors, ladybugs infiltrate commercial, governmental, residential, and industrial buildings. They utilize tiny openings around plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, damaged siding, basement vents, and air conditioning ductwork.

Once inside the home, the overwintering pests generally do not feed or reproduce. If your pest barrier is weak, the ladybug will not face any issues infiltrating your home.

Do Ladybugs Carry Parasites Or Diseases?

Ladybugs are considered pests when they feed on crops, flowers, and orchard fruit trees. While considered a nuisance pest, the ladybug has also shown to be helpful to independent gardeners and commercial and industrial farmers. The insects feed on aphids and mealybugs, both of which feed on vegetables, fruits, and some flower species.

Ladybugs do bite humans, but only rarely. Victims generally do not report serious allergic reactions due to the ladybug bite.

The ladybug emits a foul odor when injured and stressed. The secretion responsible for the foul odor has staining properties.

Are Ladybug Infestations Difficult To Eradicate?

Moderate to severe ladybug infestations pose many issues for victims. Some Coccinellidae insect species are social while others are not. The ladybug is just one example. It lives and travels in colonies. Social insect problems have higher odds of transitioning into an infestation than solitary insects.

We highly suggest starting the process with a visual inspection. Our exterminators will inspect your home to determine the severity of the infestation if there is an infestation. Since the ladybug does not erect nests for its eggs, determining the level of involvement is extremely difficult if not impossible for those who are inexperienced.

One female ladybug can generate at least 1,000 eggs that are deposited on the leaves of plants. This position is to ensure the ladybug eggs have access to a food source after they hatch.

Does DIY Pest Control Offer Relief For Ladybug Infestations?

Yes, but only when a handful of ladybugs are involved. Over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides offer very little relief for moderate to severe ladybug infestations. To ensure you regain control of your home in the shortest duration, we believe our professional pest management is the only option.

If you have a pest control goal in mind, you will definitely do whatever is necessary to stay on track. With our free ladybug consultation and visual inspection, we can help ensure you continue pushing forward even when you experience a few downsides.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive To Perform The Ladybug Inspection?

We need up to 48 hours to process a ladybug inspection request. Our extermination team will contact you once your request is fully processed. At this time, you can inquire about our pricing, pest control products – natural, organic, chemical, and eco-friendly.

Should I Be Concerned About Pesticide Exposure During The Treatment Process?

No, our EPA-approved pesticides and insecticides do not pose human health or environmental risks when administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The federal government agency, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the oversight of pest control products in the United States.

Our extermination team can help you decide which pest control option will deliver the best results for your ladybug infestation.

What Can I Do To Fight Off A Future Repeat Ladybug Infestation?

The first thing you can do is seal all openings that are accessible to the ladybug. Remember, the ladybug has flying capabilities that is utilized to escape capture, access food, and infiltrate buildings. With our professional pest control, your ladybug infestation will be eliminated in a timely manner. Once your home is deemed ladybug-free, only then will it be appropriate to start working on a prevention strategy.

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