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Mice, Rats & Rodents

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Residents of Boston may experience a pest infestation at some point. Although any pest infestation is problematic, some are worse than others. One of the worst pest infestations you’ll encounter is a rodent infestation. Unfortunately, rodents can create a wealth of problems for homeowners, renters, and business owners. Rodents lead to several problems, including health hazards and destruction. Once they’ve entered a home, they’re going to destroy the home. They’ll chew holes through the walls, contaminate your food, and chew through your electrical wires.

There are numerous rodent species, including house mice and deer mice. Although these rodents are similar, they look different. Regardless, the risks are the same. In addition to this, you can quickly identify a rodent infestation regardless of which species you’re dealing with.

Identifying A Rodent Infestation

If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, check your home for the following issues.

  • Have you found rodent droppings in your home? They are primarily found around breeding and nesting areas.
  • Are there rodent nests in your home? They are made using grass, twigs, and household materials.
  • Look at your walls and belongings for scratch and chew marks.
  • Listen carefully to see if you can hear rodents moving around in your home.

Rodent Dropping Appearance

When you’re concerned that you have a rodent infestation, you need to identify the problem immediately. One way to do that is by looking for rodent droppings in your home. If you find rodent droppings, rodents are likely living in your home. What do rodent droppings look like? You’ll want to search your home for small, rice-like droppings. They’re roughly 3 to 6 millimeters. Plus, they’re black and look like a grain of rice. They can be found around the dwelling, but they’ll likely be clustered around nesting and feeding areas.

Reasons For Mice

Many homeowners do not fully understand the reasons rodents are living in their homes. Some reasons are obvious. First and foremost, many rodents are attracted to dirty homes. They like living in homes that aren’t properly cleaned because it allows them to quickly and easily access food. If they can get into your food packages, they’ll thrive in your home. In general, rodents enter dwellings because they’re looking for food, water, and shelter. Remember that they can enter a home through the smallest holes and gaps.

Health Hazards

Although mice and rats present other problems, your health needs to come first. Once these pests have entered your home, your health is at risk. If you’re not careful, there is a risk that you’re going to eat contaminated food and get sick. Rodents will contaminate the food in your home with their bodily functions. Once they’ve done this, the risk is extremely high. Rodents can transmit many serious diseases, including Rat-Bite Fever, Plague, Lassa Fever, and Hantavirus. Plus, rodents can carry and spread ticks and fleas.

If you have pets, there is a risk that they’ll get ticks and fleas due to your ongoing infestation. Rodents will destroy items in your home as well. If you don’t address the issue, there is a chance that a mouse is going to sink its teeth into one of your electrical wires. Once it does that, the risk of experiencing a house fire will be significantly higher. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most notable dangers associated with rodent infestations.

  • Rodents contaminate food with their urine and droppings
  • Mice and rats spread serious diseases such as salmonella
  • They’ll damage your home, furniture, and other belongings
  • They can increase the risk of a house fire by chewing through electrical cords

Removing Them From Your Home

Even if you don’t have a rodent infestation, you need to learn how to deal with this problem. The risks are immense, and you never know when rodents are going to sneak into your home. With that being said, you should be ready for everything that comes your way. Learning how to deal with the problem early is a good way to be ready for problems. You may consider fixing the issue on your own with DIY products. Nevertheless, doing so is not a good idea. These products are often unreliable and unsafe.

We recommend calling our office so we can deal with the infestation for you.

When Can The Exterminator Begin?

Stop what you’re doing and call our office immediately. We’ll contact you back in 24 to 48 hours or sooner.

Our Exterminators Protect Our Clients

When it comes to rodent infestations, the risks are immense. Ignore the problem and you’ll likely regret it. However, you don’t want to choose a treatment haphazardly too. Doing so could lead to health hazards. Our company is here to help since we offer safe solutions. Our experts have configured a plan to ensure that we can help our clients by giving them safer solutions. When working with us, you can rest assured knowing we’ll fix the problem while protecting you, your loved ones, and your pets.

Preventing Rodents From Entering Again

Once you’ve removed rodents from your home, keeping them out is pertinent. Is there a way to stop rodents from entering your home? Although there is no guarantee, you can make life harder for rodents near your home. For instance, purchase and use rodent-proofing products to defend your home. These products will keep pests out of your home. They’re designed to block entry points and keep pests out. Also, you’ll need to keep your home clean and spotless. Clean up messes quickly. Finally, make sure that you keep your grass mowed. Doing so will eliminate the rodent’s hiding place around your home. Below, you’ll find tips for keeping them out of your house.

  • Find cracks, holes, and gaps around your home. Seal them to prevent rodents from climbing inside.
  • Take your home’s trash out several times each day. Make sure the bags are stored in secured bins.
  • Store your food products in tough containers that rodents can’t chew through.
  • Deal with any spills or messes immediately.

Our Boston Firm Offers Mice And Rat Removal

Boston is a great city with many amazing people. If you live in this city, there is a possibility that you know someone who has dealt with a mice and rat problem. This is one of the hidden secrets that many people do not know about Boston. Some of the neighborhoods are vulnerable to mice and rats. Nothing is more frightening than seeing a rat scurry through your home. When that happens, you might find yourself elevated on top of a chair. Suffice to say, you probably won’t want to deal with the issue on your own and you shouldn’t have to. Just rely on us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Humane Solutions

Many Boston residents are nice people and they do not want anyone or anything harmed. We sympathize with this attitude. While we want to get rid of the mice, we want to make sure that it is done in a humane manner. Many companies are not like us. They’ll use inhumane methods to kill and remove the mice. Our company is different. We always use the most humane solutions to get rid of the mice and rats. That ensures that you’ll be able to sleep comfortably at night.

Safety First

We understand Boston residents better than anyone else. And, we know that you would do anything and everything to keep your loved ones safe. This is one of the main reasons that you should choose us as your Boston mice and rat extermination company. Unlike the competition, we actually care about protecting everyone involved. When you select us, you can guarantee that we’ll put your safety first. We will not use dangerous chemicals and we’ll make sure that your house is safe before we leave.

Reliable Solutions

When we enter your home to deal with mice and rats, you can guarantee that we mean business. Our team has been dealing with such problems for an extremely long period of time. We know exactly how to get rid of mice and rats. We have the solutions that you want and we’ll do our best to help you save money. Our solutions are completely safe and we’re confident that they’ll be effective. In fact, we guarantee that we can fix the problem for good. If we do not get rid of the rodents on the first attempt, we’ll treat the home again for free. We will not stop until your home is habitable again.

Be Wise, Pick Us

We believe that we offer Boston residents with the very best mice and rat solutions. We work diligently to ensure that the rodents are eliminated in the most humane way.

  • Our solutions are humane and safe
  • We’ll get rid of the mice and ensure that they never return
  • Our prices are reasonable and probably cheaper than most
  • We’ll do the dirty work so you can keep your hands clean
  • We are happy to offer our services in the morning or at night

Are You Ready?

Are you sick of living with mice and rats? You don’t have to put up with it anymore. Just give us a call and we’ll handle the problem for you.

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