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Professional Earwig Pest Control In Boston Massachusetts

The earwig is a species that belongs to the Dermaptera order, a group of insects with long, slender bodies. The earwig has a unique feature that sets it apart from other insect species. This feature is no other than the “cerci,” appendages that protrude from the abdomen. The adult earwig grows up to two inches, approximately one inch shorter than the Saint Helena giant, the largest of the earwig species.

The earwig has a unique story about how it was initially discovered. The insect was discovered living in a human brain, which was accessed through the ear canal. The story claims, the earwig reproduced inside the victim’s brain. Of course, there is no evidence to back up this story, but young children became familiar with the insect for this very reason.

The body ranges between dark brown and reddish/brown, with three pairs of tan legs and two antennas. Like the ant, the earwig has both winged and wingless earwigs. The winged earwig does not utilize its flying capability but only on rare occasions.

According to evidence, there are around 900 Dermaptera members.

Why Is My Boston Property Infested With Earwigs?

Earwigs are drawn to warm temperatures in the winter. They utilize small openings around foundation and basement vents, entrance door thresholds, window frames, and air conditioner ductwork. Once earwigs infiltrate homes, they no longer feed or reproduce, reducing the risk of an infestation and foodborne illness.

Earwigs meet the criteria of an “overwintering pest,” an insect that enters a dormant state, similar to hibernation. The insect remains in the overwintering state until late spring or when the weather gets warm. At this time, the earwig will emerge from its hiding place, hoping to make its escape before being detected.

The earwig’s nocturnal make visual detection extremely hard. To make matters worse, most victims are not aware they are sharing their home with an overwintering pest. After infiltration, the earwig tends to take refuge in the kitchen, basement, crawlspace, or bathroom.

Earwigs feed on plants and smaller insects like the flea and dust mite. Earwigs generally join other overwintering pests in houses, commercial buildings, government establishments, and public facilities.

How Can I Eradicate An Earwig Infestation?

Earwig infestations are oftentimes accompanied by other insect species that belong to the overwintering classification. There are two pest control options that have shown to be effective in eradicating earwigs. These include DIY (over-the-counter) and professional. However, if you are looking for a speedy outcome, professional pest control is a necessity.

We recommend professional pest control products for earwig infestations ranging from moderate to severe. There are a few things you can do to prepare for the exterminator to arrive. The first thing is to transition from mercury or neon vapor porch lighting to sodium vapor lighting. Mercury vapor lighting emits a white tone while sodium vapor lighting emits a yellow tone. Doing away with the earwig’s favorite type of outdoor lighting will make your home less appealing.

When Will The Licensed Exterminator Arrive At My Boston Home For The Inspection?

Our licensed exterminators can be dispatched to your home within 48 hours of the initial earwig inspection service request. If you believe your earwig case needs immediate attention, do not hesitate to inquire about our same-day and emergency pest control services. Both services are available to all Boston residents via appointment only.

Is Earwig Pest Control Products Dangerous?

Only when they are misused. Our exterminators undergo extensive training to ensure they know how to properly store, handle, administer, and transport pesticides and insecticides. To determine just how much our exterminators learned during the training course, we ask that they demonstrate the proper techniques utilized by our Boston extermination company.

Do I Need To Be Experienced In Pest Control To Protect My Home From A Repeat Earwig Infestation?

No, you just need to be knowledgeable and fully willing to take on the responsibility. While we recommend our professional earwig prevention, some Boston consumers opt to go the DIY route. If you decide to take the same route, we highly recommend targeting high humidity areas and your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. You can do this by installing dehumidifiers and vents in humidity-prone areas to improve ventilation, resulting in lower humidity levels.

As far as your home’s vulnerable pest barrier goes, it is recommended to utilize a waterproof sealant to seal all openings accessible to the earwig.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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