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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does that Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Once you’ve found a bedbug or two in your home, assess the problem immediately. The problem could be bigger than you might imagine. There could be a lot more bedbugs in your home. As a result, you cannot ignore this issue. Doing so will only give the bedbugs time to spread and reproduce. The infestation will worsen. Still, you may believe that the bedbugs are alone. Although this might be the case, it doesn’t happen often. Bedbugs tend to live in large groups. The most likely scenario is that you have more bedbugs in your home. To rectify the problem, you should contact an exterminator from your local area. Your options are plentiful, so you’ll need to spend time teaming up with the best exterminator. Achieve this goal by carefully researching the exterminators in your area and picking the best one. Don’t forget to obtain free quotes too.

Reasons A Few Bedbugs Are Concerning

Although you’ve only found a few bedbugs, don’t overlook the risks involved. As mentioned above, bedbugs rarely travel alone. As a result, you likely have more bedbugs in your home. It could be a lot more. You won’t know until you’ve carefully examined the situation. Bedbugs often travel in large groups. Plus, they can reproduce rapidly and prolifically. The problem will quickly worsen. Even if you’re dealing with one pregnant female, you’re going to experience a bigger problem soon. A pregnant bedbug can lay up to 500 eggs before she passes. Suffice to say, she can turn a small infestation into a massive problem. Once you’ve found bedbugs in your home, address the problem. Bedbugs tend to reach 7mm in length at the max. They’re difficult to see and tend to hide. If you find bedbugs or signs of bedbugs, contact an exterminator and let them fix the problem for you.

It Is Hard To See Bedbugs

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find bedbugs hiding in your dwelling. These bugs are small so they can hide in small gaps and crevices. In general, they try to hide in holes that are rarely investigated. Bedbugs are reddish-brown and this allows them to blend in with their primary hiding places. When they hide on your bed frame, you’ll be lucky to see them. They’re smart and stay hidden until their victim goes to sleep. Suffice to say, it is rare to see bedbugs crawling on the ground. Bedbugs tend to feed at night. However, they can switch their behavior to follow your lifestyle. If you sleep during the day, they’ll feed during the day. Either way, this makes it difficult to identify an infestation. Some bedbug bites do not cause marks.

Ensuring It Is A Bedbug

Before jumping to conclusions, make sure you’re dealing with bedbugs. These pests look like other bugs. These bugs rarely reach 10mm with most of them being 7mm. They have six legs and two small antennas. Their bodies are reddish-brown and oval. These pests are frequently mistaken for fleas and carpet beetles.

Signs Of Bedbug Infestations

To confirm a bedbug infestation in your home, look for the following signs.
  • Red Stains – First, you’ll want to check your sheets and mattress for red stains. It could be bloodstains left behind by crushed bedbugs.
  • Skins – As bedbugs grow, they leave behind translucent skin. If you find bedbug skins in your home, you likely have a bedbug infestation.
  • Eggs – Bedbugs reproduce rapidly. To do this, they have to lay eggs. Check your home for eggs and egg casings. If you find either, the infestation in your home just got bigger.
  • Fecal Materials – You’ll also need to check your home for fecal matter. If you find little black spots on your mattress or sheets, it might be bedbug feces.
  • Bites – Don’t forget to check your skin. Bedbugs bite. Their bites may lead to red welts. Check your face, arms, and neck for bedbug bites.
  • Smell – Finally, pay attention to the smell of your bedroom. If you smell a sweet, musty odor, you might be dealing with a bedbug infestation.
Do you suspect that bedbugs have invaded your home? If so, call an exterminator. With their assistance, you can quickly identify and remedy the infestation. Remember to obtain quotes so you can get the best price.

What Is The Best Bed Bug Inspection Process?

We believe every bed bug inspection should be initiated in the host’s bedroom. Since bed bugs are not known to stray too far away from the primary food source, the bedroom only makes sense. If signs of an infestation were noted on the host’s bed linen, the entire bed needs to be stripped. Carefully remove the infested bed linen from the bed and place it in a plastic garbage bag. Seal the bag completely before transporting it to the laundry room. Once the infested bed linen is in the washer, you should return to the host’s bedroom. Inspect the bed frame, mattress, and box springs to determine if they are infested as well. If signs of a bed bug infestation are present, we suggest moving to the floorboards, baseboards, and flooring. It is crucial to inspect both sides of the mattress and box springs. Utilize a flashlight to inspect the bed frame. Shine the light into small cracks and crevices to determine if it is infested. Bed bugs tend to hide in small cracks and crevices in close proximity to the host.

When To Call In The Bed Bug Experts?

There is no set time regarding the experts and bed bug infestations. You are free to request assistance from our Boston extermination team immediately, a few days later, or a month down the road. Remember, any delay could compromise the pest control treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bed Bugs Infest Homes Without The Colony?

No, bed bugs do everything together. However, it is possible for a lone bed bug to infiltrate a home. How is this possible. Well, during the colonized infiltration attempt, only one adult bed bug was successful, the rest had to wait for another opportunity.

How Should A Homeowner Handle A Sighting Involving One Bed Bug?

Conduct a DIY visual inspection that targets the entire home. Start the inspection in the host’s bedroom. Look for the most common bed bug infestation, including live bed bugs, dried bloodstain, exoskeletons, and fecal material.

What Do Exterminators Consider A Bed Bug Infestation?

Exterminators collect data through a visual inspection to determine the severity of a bed bug problem. There is no number utilized to make this determination. Instead, exterminators rely on signs and visual sightings recorded during the visual inspection

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