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Professional Ant Pest Control In Boston Massachusetts

The ant is a member of the Formicidae family, social insects that live and work in colonies. The ant colony is comprised of a queen, worker, soldier, and winged and wingless swarmers. The queen is a prolific breeder that produces around 300,000 eggs over her lifetime. The worker is one of the hardest-working members of the ant colony. Foraging for food and erecting underground tunnels and nests are a few of the worker’s job duties. The soldier, of course, is responsible for the colony’s safety. The soldier utilizes its powerful mandibles to defeat enemies and small predators. The winged swarmer has unique a responsibility, building new colonies. Winged swarmers leave the colony permanently to mate and build a new colony somewhere else. The wingless swarmer is responsible for caring for the queen and her eggs and larvae.

Why Are Ants Targeting My Boston Home?

Ants target vulnerable homes with food and access points. Even the tiniest gap can be turned into an ant access point. Gaps between an entrance door threshold and flooring are just one example of ant access. Another example is damaged wood siding that leaves the exterior walls of a home vulnerable. Whatever the case may be, ants can utilize just about any nook and cranny to infiltrate a house, government building, commercial establishment, and public facility.

Ants can also accidentally infiltrate homes while foraging for food. If your home is within a few feet of the main colony, it will be a target of ants until the colony is exterminated.

Do Ants Carry Diseases Like Mosquitoes?

No, ants are not considered dangerous because they do not transmit diseases to animals or humans. With this said, the ant has been associated with foodborne illnesses, such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, and shigella.. Food stored in manufacturing packaging is not secure. In fact, ants can rip through these food products in minutes, utilizing their strong mandibles.

What Pest Control Strategy Do Boston Exterminators Utilized To Eradicate Ant Infestations?

Every exterminator utilizes custom pest control treatments to exterminate ant infestations. Unfortunately, some of these treatments consist of low-strength pesticides and insecticides that are not potent enough to eradicate more than a handful of ants.

We believe it is in our clients’ best interest to tackle the ant infestation like it was our own. By doing this, we are guaranteed the maximum results for every professional pest management treatment we customize.

Do you recommend DIY Pest Control Products For Ant infestations?

No, we believe do-it-yourself pesticide and insecticide formulas are not potent enough to have much impact on a full-blown ant infestation. These low-strength formulas are more suitable for ant problems that have not transitioned into an infestation.

How Long Will It Take The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home In Boston?

We process all ant inspection service requests every day of the week to ensure the quickest response. Once the service request has been fully processed, one of our licensed exterminators contacts the client, regarding an appointment. We let the client set the appointment to fit their schedule.

Will My Family Be Exposed To Harmful Chemicals During The Treatment Process?

No, our exterminators will not initiate treatment in an occupied home. We need the impacted home to be vacant to eliminate any and all risks of chemical exposure. If you are concerned about chemicals, you should check out our organic and eco-friendly pest control treatments.

To maximize the results, we customize each treatment to ensure the best results.

What Can I Do To Protect My Family From A Repeat Ant Infestation?

The first thing you can do is reach out to our Boston extermination team. Each member of the team has years of pest control experience that they will gladly apply to your ant prevention strategy. Our team of experts combines their skills and experience to reduce the ant population in Boston to minimize the risk of infestations.

Do not hesitate to ask about organic, natural, and chemical-based pest control products. We combine multiple treatments, such as a pesticide and traps, to eradicate ants in all phases of the life cycle. Without this capability, full extermination is impossible. Since the ants are divided into two separate colonies, the infestation poses additional challenges to exterminators.

Contact our Boston location to schedule your free inspection today. Remember, this is the most active time of the year for ants. If you are not careful your home will come under an ant siege. We can help you protect your home, family, and pets from these audacious insects.

Boston Ant Control You Can Count On

A lot of people will see ants in and around their homes. Initially, this might not seem like a major problem. Ants couldn’t be that dangerous or destructive, could they? The truth of the matter is that ants can easily become problematic for homeowners and even renters. Once they begin flooding into your home, they’re going to become a major nuisance. They’ll get into your foods and you’ll be forced to throw them away.  Suffice to say, ants can cost you a lot of money in the long run. When you’ve realized that you got a problem, you should get in touch with us.

Nothing To Ignore

A lot of people believe that ants can easily be ignored. They mistakenly believe that they’re not going to be a big problem. After all, they can just squash the ant and clean up the mess afterward. This is a major misconception. Ants are annoying and they’re going to greatly decrease your quality of life. Once they’ve overrun your home, you’ll have a difficult time eating and sleeping comfortably. You should not hesitate to act immediately. Otherwise, the ants may very well turn your home into their own personal ant farm.

No Dangerous Solutions

Most people understand that ants and other household pests can be killed with chemical sprays. These sprays tend to work exceptionally well for the eradication of ants. However, there is one slight problem here. They could also be dangerous to your health. With that being said, you need to find a safer solution to the problem that you’re currently facing. This is why you’ll want to choose us as your ant control specialist. Our company refuses to use dangerous solutions to remedy the problem. We’ll take steps to keep you, your house, your family, and your pets safe!

Always Ready

You’ll be happy to know that our company is always ready. When you call a competitor, there is a possibility that you’re not going to get a response right away. The company may put you on hold for a brief period. This is something that you’ll want to avoid. You need to get rid of those ants as quickly as possible. You cannot sit around and wait for it. This is why you’ll want to choose us. Our company is always ready. We have technicians stationed across Boston so we can ready your area much quicker than anyone else. We’ll remedy your problem without forcing you to wait. We can carry out our treatment in the day or at night.

Our Perks

At the end of the day, our team believes that it is the very best ant control team in Boston. We strive to provide you with an amazing service that you know is worth the money.

  • Our solutions are more affordable than the alternatives
  • We promise to protect you and your family every step of the day
  • We’ll perform the treatment in the day or night
  • We’re insured to protect your valuables and your home
  • We can help you keep the ants away for good

Is It Time?

Isn’t it time you fixed this problem for good? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re ready to work hard and rectify your problem.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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