Bed Bug Exterminator

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When you discover that your home is infested with bedbugs, you will begin to wonder exactly where they came from. These insects can exhibit some very strange behavior, when they feed, hide, and maneuver about. A bed bug infestation is not only disturbing to the victim, but they can overtake your entire home within a matter of days. The main thing is to remain calm, so you can approach your problem with a clear mind. If you allow your emotions to take control of the situation, you will only be giving the bedbugs permission to continue procreating and living in your home.


Bedbug History


The bedbug was discovered somewhere around 1940 and the reported cases continued to escalate until 1995. Now there are many different treatments on the market that are very capable of eradicating these insects, which helps to keep the reported cases at a minimum. The CDC continues to monitor the bedbug activity, so that the infestations do not become an epidemic. Of course, in the Middle Eastern part of the world, there has been a bedbug epidemic going on for quite some time.


Feeding Habits


Bedbugs only feed during the nighttime hours. Now this does not make them completely nocturnal, since they will continue to move about during the daylight hours. The bedbug unfortunately has a very powerful feeding tube that is capable of piercing the victim’s skin. In order to prevent the victim from feeling any pain at the point of the injection, the insect is capable of producing a very powerful enzyme that contains pain killing properties. The enzyme is injected onto the skin, before the feeding tube is stuck into it. This prevents the victim from feeling any type of sensitivity and they continue to sleep throughout the entire feeding, which can last anywhere from 3-5 minutes.


The bedbug will fill their tummy with the victim’s blood and then return to their hiding place until they are ready to feed again. Some scientific studies have determined that an adult can survive for an entire year without feeding, but this is in a controlled environment. It has yet to be determined, if this is possible in the real world.


Sleeping Habits


After the bed bug finishes its meal, it will return to its hiding place and remain there until the meal has been completely digested. Since bedbugs are very tiny, they can only travel a short distance at a time. For this reason, the insect will pick their hiding place within the vicinity of where the victim sleeps. This allows them to travel to and fro without issue. Their favorite hiding places is the mattress, bed linen, pillows, headboards, and footboards.


These areas are dark and warm, so the insect can survive quite nicely for a very long time. When the bedbug gets hungry, it will simply wait patiently until the host falls to sleep, and repeat the process again.


Procreation Habits


While it is uncommon for a male to fertilize a female, when her tummy is empty, it still occurs from time to time. The male will exhibit some very affectionate before toward other males, as well. The male produces pheromones to alert other bedbugs of his sex, which helps some, but does not stop males from mounting males. It is also common for females to participate in multiple mating, just so that she can produce more viable eggs.


The male sperm will remain in the conceptacle, as long as her body stays the optimal temperature for vitality. The number of eggs that the female lays will totally depend on how much nutrition she can get during pregnancy. So if she is receiving a large intake of healthy blood, then she is going to lay a large quantity of eggs.


With this being said, the adult female can produce up to 200 eggs during her lifetime. This proves that your home can become infested with these critters within 5-10 days or less.


Experienced Exterminator


When searching for an extermination service provider to help you with your infestation, you will want to make sure that he/she is experienced. Always check out the age of the company and how long the exterminator has been in the extermination business. An experienced exterminator will know exactly what to do to eradicate those pesky insects, so you can return to your normal routine.


Sometimes the exterminator will have a partner that accompanies him on inspection day. This canine is very intelligent and can sniff out the bedbug to find their hiding places. In order for the treatment to be fully effective, the exterminator must locate the hiding places. The canine is also capable of detecting roaches and termites, so if you ever find yourself combating these types of insects, be sure to rely on man’s best friend.


Ecofriendly Insecticides


In order to protect the Earth, humans, animals, and plants from toxic damage, the extermination company will opt to utilize ecofriendly insecticides. Heat is the most preferred treatment, because it is more effective and can potentially eradicate the infestation the first go around. Large machines are transported into the home by the extermination crew. These machines are capable of producing high temperature heat and steam, which will circulate throughout an entire, so the bedbugs are killed on contact or driven out of their hiding place.


If you opt to go the DIY route, you can start shopping at your local home and garden store. There you will find a large array of ecofriendly pesticides and detergents that are capable of eradicating a large quantity of the insects, but may not be able to get rid of them all. You may end up having to repeat this treatment process 2-3 times or more, before your home is completely free of these annoying insects.




While you will always have the option of attempting to eradicate the infestation by yourself, this can be a very timely process. Many homeowners will rely on Bed Bug Exterminator in Boston, Massachusetts, because they have the knowledge, equipment, and products that will get the job done in a very efficient manner.